National and System-level Reports

National reports are prepared for each subscriber. Reports include members' benchmark values, percentile ranks, and the percentiles of national aggregate data for each benchmark. If your community college system subscribes to the Workforce Project you will also receive a system report.

Peer Comparisons

Subscribers have unlimited access to the Non-credit Education and Workforce Training Benchmark Project website to select benchmarks and peer institutions and display reports of benchmark comparisons. Comparisons are available for benchmarks for which institutions submitted data and are reported as rankings. Reporting institutions are identified by name; peer institutions are identified anonymously.

Best Practices

Participating institutions ranking above the 85th percentile on one or more benchmarks will, with their permission, be listed in the Workforce Project Best Practices Report Tool (without associated benchmark values).

Subscriber Directory

Includes information about subscribing institutions' enrollment, service area, and demographics to facilitate selection of comparison groups.

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