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Offers member institutions consistent measures to express continuing education division productivity and successes to internal and external stakeholders.

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Information for Decision-Making

Provides continuing education and college administration with benchmarks to support strategic planning and cost & revenue analysis.

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Compare Your Institution to Others

Benchmarks non-credit education and workforce training education activities including enrollment, returning students and companies and transitioning students from non-credit to credit instruction.

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Non-credit Education and Workforce Training Benchmark Project

About the Project

The Non-credit Education and Workforce Training Benchmark Project is a national initiative to collect over 60 standardized benchmarks from community college regarding non-credit workforce education.  


In Partnership

The Nnn-credit Education and Workforce Training Benchmark Project was created with input from over 20 community colleges across the country.

The Benchmarks

This project collects data in the areas of non-credit enrollment, retention, revenue, expenditures and more.